Spring 2003,
Volume 24, Number 1

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Who was on first?

Re: “Former CFUV Host Leads Hong Kong Alums” (Torch, Spring 2002). Your reference to Alan Cheung as the one who started Victoria’s first Chinese language radio association is an erroneous one. In fact, I had started the “Voice of the Dragon” in 1985-86 at CFUV, as the president of the Chinese Students’ Association. That same year we were awarded the student union’s “Most Co-operative Club of the Year” award for our efforts. At that time, names like “Ching Ching” (Fancy Ching [BA ’86], and now my wife), Alan, Lily, “Little Tiger” were almost household names within the Chinese community. As the “Voices of the Dragon,” they entertained, informed and instructed. I was and still am very proud of the contributions they all made to CFUV, to the student body at the time and to the Chinese community. I was therefore disturbed to read the reference to Alan Cheung as the pioneer of such a radio format. It was as if all the hard work put in by the team at that time had not existed. Just thought I should set the record straight.

David Wong (BSc ’86)

Dealing with Terrorists

Catherine Morris rejects the “power-based” approaches to conflict resolution (“Getting Past Culture Clash,” Torch, Spring 2002). However she leaves unclear how (and even whether) the “interest-based” and “transformative” approaches could resolve conflicts about to erupt into violence or already violent. Being unclear, Morris leaves the reader still wondering if she is or is not “suggesting we negotiate with terrorists.” It is true that “we live in a world in which no one truth is accepted as a universally legitimate moral foundation for law or public policy.” But does this obligate countries targeted by terrorist groups to concede the merits and justifications of the terrorists’ causes? If so, the “root causes” of terrorist grievances become root justifications for terrorism.

D.I. Solomon

Then and Now

Congratulations on the recent issue of the Torch (“Expressions of Community,” Spring 2002). It was bright, glossy and interesting. Equally, I was delighted to find so much about the relationship between the wider community and the university. The first issue of the Torch (left) came out in the fall of 1981 and I was the alumni co-ordinator and the publisher. Brian Tobin (not the fishy one), a former editor of the Times of Victoria, became its editor. I christened it the Torch and received the blessing of then-president Howard Petch to go ahead with its publication, albeit with a limited budget. In order to produce the paper we needed to resort to advertising and we had plenty of assistance from the community. There were many articles in that first effort. Robin Skelton, head of Creative Writing, Derrick Sewell, chair of Geography, Harold Foster (Geography), Cleeve Dheensaw, now a sports writer for the Times Colonist, and Petch were all contributors. It was only black and white, but it was a great thrill to see it come off the presses.

Sonia Birch-Jones
Qualicum Beach

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