UVic Torch -- Spring 2003
Autumn 2003,
Volume 25, Number 1

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DOUG JOHNSON, BA ’77, LLB ’80 Alumni and UVic's Future

IN JUNE I BECAME PRESIDENT OF YOUR ALUMNI ASSOCIATION when Cathy (Whitehead) McIntyre completed her two-year term. Cathy served with grace and skill and I am sure that the entire board joins me in congratulating her for a job well done.

I attended UVic between 1974 and 1980, articled during the year following graduation and have practiced law in Victoria continuously since 1981. I still recall my university days with great fondness. Some of the most valued friendships that my wife Karen and I have been blessed with were formed with my fellow students and their partners.

Not all of my undergraduate courses were chosen with a view to the study of law: some were chosen simply because of an interesting course description. These included a few courses in philosophy and they helped set me upon a path of private study that has continued to the present. So, in addition to providing me with several good friends and a career in law, UVic has supplied me with a source of intellectual pleasure that will last a lifetime.

During the early years of my legal career I did not often think of the university because, like most young graduates, I was preoccupied with work and family. Some years ago Alumni Affairs Director Don Jones (one of the friends I made at university) asked me to volunteer at an alumni event and I agreed. Later came an invitation to become a member of the board of the alumni association and I am glad that I accepted. The board members and all the faculty and staff with whom I have come into contact share a passion for the university that is contagious.

It's an exciting time to be involved with UVic. The university is charged with energy and confidence and a sense of purpose. This is no doubt due in large part to the efforts of President David Turpin and the strategic planning process he initiated. The alumni association developed its own strategic plan last year, founded squarely upon the principles in the university's strategic plan.

In closing, and on behalf of the association, I wish to welcome External Relations Vice President Faye Wightman to the university. Alumni board members met Faye at our annual retreat this summer and it quickly became clear that we could work together well.

One of the board's concerns is that the university has become inaccessible to many worthy applicants because of a lack of available space. It's one of the larger issues facing UVic and, to overcome it, the university needs to be able to depend on its alumni. Keep in touch with your alumni association. Together we can build support for the university and help it flourish.

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