UVic Torch -- Spring 2003
Autumn 2003,
Volume 25, Number 1

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Rounding into shape Rounding into shape

CAN YOU DO THE PELVIC SHIMMY? How about the dolphin or the Cos sack dancer? They're not retro dance moves, they're exercises in Ball Bearings, co-authored by UVic Sport and Exercise Science alumnus Stefan Scott, MSc '00.

"Because the exercise ball is inherently unstable, just sitting on it means you're recruiting core muscles that aren't often used," says Scott. "And research shows that people with good core stability are less likely to suffer from lower pack pain and injuries."

Scott and fellow rehabilitation and exercise specialists, Jeff Compton and Matthew Tyler, developed their book after working at the Canadian Back Institute, where exercise ball workouts were effective for everyone from average back-pain sufferers to elite athletes.

"We were using this stuff every day in the clinics," says Scott. "We put together a photocopied booklet with stick-figure drawings for clients to use and got such phenomenal feedback that we decided to put out a real book."

Scott, the UVic physical education department's senior human anatomy lab co-ordinator, started his academic career in engineering. But after switching to human kinetics as an undergrad, he was hooked. "I just immediately loved it, learning about and working with the mechanics of the body. It's so immediate, so applicable to everyday life."

More information about Ball Bearings is available at www.ballbearings.org.

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