UVic Torch -- Spring 2003
Autumn 2003,
Volume 25, Number 1

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Community Chest Forever in Oak Crisis at the Castle
Community Chest
IN 1960, WITH COMMUNITY SUPPORT for an independent university in Victoria gaining momentum, Premier W.A.C. Bennett promised to match up to $2.5 million in fundraising that would later support land purchases and construction at the new Gordon Head campus. More

Forever in Oak
THEY STUDIED IN OPULENT SURROUNDINGS but students had plenty of irreverent fun within the refined walls of Craigdarroch Castle when it was Victoria College's home from 1921-46. More

Crisis at the Castle
WITH THE END OF WORLD WAR II, Victoria College experienced a student population explosion at Craigdarroch Castle as returning soldiers boosted enrolment to over 600 students-more than double any previous year. Overcrowding led the fire chief to declare the castle a fire hazard. More

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