Uvic Torch 2003
Spring 2003,
Volume 24, Number 1

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Gloria’s Story

Margaret Haughey and I want to congratulate you and your staff on the Autumn 2002 issue of the Torch. It is very gratifying to see this finely researched and well written recognition of aboriginal students, with their own key input. We really enjoyed the very sensitive article on Gloria Jean Frank, as well as Nancy Turner’s piece with accompanying image of Floyd Joseph’s sculpture on campus. Additionally, it was good to see Charles Elliott’s print in the editorial. We get the University of Alberta and Queen’s University, Belfast alumni magazines and the Torch is definitely far and away the best of the group. Your visual appeal is strong and the quality of the writing is high. I rarely feel called to write this kind of congratulatory message, but Margaret and I feel that the creativity and professionalism of this edition, particularly its honouring of aboriginal peoples, deserve to be recognized and duly celebrated.

I am ashamed to admit this, but I usually don’t read the Torch when it arrives.... But something compelled me to read “The Painted Curtain,” and I am so glad I did! Holly Nathan did a superb job of telling the emotional, disturbing, gratifying, amazing story of Gloria Jean Frank and the curtain of her family’s life. I have been very privileged to spend time in Port Alberni with members of the Tseshaht Band and so could relate personally to elements of her story; it is heartening to know that there are so many there that are pushing through the present to make the past live. Congratulations to Ms. Frank for connecting with her past, present and future, and good luck with the finishing of her thesis. I personally think she deserves an honorary degree for her work in continuing and sharing her culture. And yes, I read the entire issue this month, and will continue to do so in the future!

“Unethical” Ad

I was very disappointed to see that the Torch magazine (Autumn 2002) advertised for the Victoria Times Colonist. It is my understanding that the workers were in a labour dispute with the company and that the company was using “scab” labour to get the paper out. Please do not use unethical ads in the future.

The advertising contract, part of a longterm sponsorship agreement between the university and the Times Colonist, was signed before the newspaper strike.
– Editor


I was sorry to read about the death of Alan Gowans in the Torch (“Value in the Common Place,” Autumn 2001). The person who wrote the obituary was probably not a student at the university in the early 70s when Dr. Gowans kept more than 300 students spellbound giving his lectures in History in Art 120.

He took us on a journey through history. He handled huge amounts of information from any discipline and made an incredibly beautiful pattern.

Art history was my discipline, although I had not intended it until Dr. Gowan’s classes. So I thank this professor who dared to think so deeply and with such enormous breadth. What a life!


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