UVic Torch -- Spring 2003
Spring 2003,
Volume 24, Number 1

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IT'S A YEAR OF EDUCATIONAL MILESTONES. Forty years ago the university welcomed its first students to the Gordon Head campus. The dizzying photo on the right was taken circa 1963, during those dawning days in the fresh new Clearihue Building. (Was the roof clock wonky even back then?)

And it’s been exactly 100 years since Victoria College opened the doors to its first handful of students. One of them was the young Joseph B. Clearihue, whose later achievements (Rhodes scholar, decorated soldier, judge and politician, the university’s first chancellor) inspired the naming of the first campus building in his honour.

All year, UVic is presenting events to commemorate these anniversaries. Go to the Web (celebration2003.uvic.ca) and pick an event. Maybe you’ll come to the Campus and Community Celebration September 5-6. Enjoy the festivities, soak up the back-to-school buzz, and let yourself think back to those days when the local rabbit population was a mere fraction of what it was destined to become.

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