UVic Torch -- Spring 2003
Spring 2003,
Volume 24, Number 1

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Q & A with a carbon buster
Q & A with carbon buster -- System Problems - Page 4
Photography by Rob Kruyt

Out of the debate on the Kyoto Protocol and climate change has sprung a new organization of students called "Carbon Free Campuses." Interested in cleaner energy systems, the 12 leaders and 70 informal members are starting out with big plans for UVic and other universities. Stephen Albinati, a 21-year-old business student, is the group's president.

What’s your organization all about? Carbon Free Campuses is dedicated to exploring alternative energy. We facilitate discussion and spearhead student-run renewable energy projects.

What convinced you to join? Over the past couple of years, I’ve become more and more interested in environmental issues. What sold me on CFC was its rational approach to finding solutions.

Who else is involved? We have students from a variety of disciplines including engineering, biology, geoscience, environmental studies, and business. Brian Coffey, Andrew MacDonald, and Tom Owen were the founders. I think it’s imperative that multiple disciplines are represented in our group. The environmental crisis is not an issue isolated to any one area.

What sort of things have you done already? A lot of our work has been organizing members, setting up a board of faculty advisors, launching a Web site and developing our presence on campus. We had a successful speaker series and we’re drafting a recommendation on restructuring the campus development committee.

What about the group’s political philosophy? I think we differ from other environmental groups in that we are non-partisan. We want to approach issues in an analytical and unbiased manner. Any position we take will be based on facts, considering both the negatives and the positives. It will not be ideologically driven.

What’s the biggest thing you can see your group accomplishing? To become a nationwide organization—it would be great to see a network of students working towards new technology and research.

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