UVic Torch -- Fall 2004
Autumn 2004,
Volume 25, Number 2

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"A foggy drag" - Photography by WILLIAM E. JOHN/UVIC ARCHIVES 049.1127 "A foggy drag"
Photography by WILLIAM E. JOHN/UVIC ARCHIVES 049.1127

ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1969 FIVE THOUSAND UVIC STUDENTS lined up for course registration in Hut S, the old gymnasium.

Mike Farr, BEd ’73, the Martlet’s “education student at large,” warned frosh that “registration is a foggy drag. Each student (or machine) is systematically punched onto the roll of the Registrar and officially becomes another student at UVic. It is not all that fearful, really, and we hope to rid you of your apprehension” with the university’s first student orientation program.

“Where It’s At Week” offered tips for navigating the Academic Guidebook and choosing courses. The big social events were a Saturday night soc hop in the SUB and a special showing of the classic thriller “The Great Escape” in the MacLaurin auditorium.

These days, course registration is conducted online instead of in line. Much easier on the feet. But waiting lists for classes can still be a bit of a “foggy drag.”  

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