UVic Torch -- Fall 2004
Autumn 2004,
Volume 25, Number 2

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Monthly e-mail Newsletter It's all @ UVic
Monthly e-mail Newsletter

THERE IS A NEW, FREE MONTHLY INFORMATION SERVICE FOR ALUMNI. @UVic is an e-mail newsletter, produced by UVic Alumni Services, that provides links to the latest on-line campus news, event listings, research features and information about alumni benefits and services.

The newsletter began publication in the spring and arrives in your inbox as a brief e-mail message containing headlines linked to assorted university Web pages. Recent editions have directed readers to stories about the 2004 Legacy Award winners, UVic’s leadership in global studies, and offerings from the Alumni and Friends travel program.

“E-mail technology provides a great opportunity to communicate more frequently without a lot of expense,” says Don Jones, Director of Alumni Services. “Our objective is to build strong ties with alumni who are scattered around the world. @UVic is the quickest, most effective way to inform people of events and activities that may interest them.”

About 14,000 UVic alumni already receive @UVic each month. To join the distribution list, send an e-mail request to alumni@uvic.ca. E-mail addresses are only used for the newsletter and to inform subscribers of special events and services for UVic alumni.

Back issues of @UVic are archived on the alumni Web site (alumni.uvic.ca/newsletters/index.html).

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