UVic Torch -- Fall 2004
Autumn 2004,
Volume 25, Number 2

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Train Here, Practise Here Eternally Fascinating Legacy Awards Nov. 16 Image and the Modern Vampire Origin of the Eye

Train Here, Practise Here

Twenty-four UBC medical students-including five uvic alumni-will arrive on campus in January in the first phase of a plan to decentralize and expand doctor training across the province. More

Home Rooms
The landscaping still needed work but three new residence buildings were completed in time to greet students arriving for classes this fall, providing living quarters for 480 more students, including residence advisor Danya Fast. More

A Sacred Place
First Peoples House-a special campus space to support Aboriginal students and their fundamental beliefs and values-has reached the design stage, with consultation meetings set for November. More

Eternally Fascinating
Dennine Dudley could hardly believe it when she found out priceless ancient Egyptian masterworks from the British Museum would visit the Royal BC Museum this summer. More

Legacy Awards Nov. 16
Legacy Awards night is November 16 at the Victoria Conference Centre. Co-chaired by UVic supporters Murray and Lynda Farmer, the annual gala recognizes the outstanding achievements of alumni, professors and Vikes athletics. More

Image and the Modern Vampire
Peter Gölz has a new pair of trick vampire fangs that his dentist advises against wearing because the glue might not un-stick from his real teeth. More

Cancer Fighter
Protox Therapeutics, with UVic-based research that holds promise for prostate cancer patients, has become the first UVic spin-off company to be listed on the TSX Venture Exchange.More

Heard on Campus: Stephen Lewis
UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa "People say to me we have to rescue Africa because it could be grounds for extremism. People say to me we have to rescue Africa because we want them to be a trading partner. More

Travelling Light
Sara Ellison can tell you all kinds of things about a distant galaxy, like its chemical components, stage of evolution, or distance. More

Origin of the Eye
New research focuses on poorly understood workings of the retina. More

Hydrogen-fueled vehicles may be some distance over the horizon, but a group of forward-thinking students has developed a winning design for the filling station of the future. More

Stephanie's Haul
Stephanie Dixon came home from the Summer Paralympics in Athens with eight-count them-eight medals. More

PEOPLE: Visual Arts master's student MARK NEUFELD has won the first Joseph Plaskett Foundation Award, worth $25,000. The prize will enable Neufeld to travel and study in Berlin. More

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