UVic Torch -- Spring 2004
Spring 2004,
Volume 26, Number 1

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Be a Volunteer - President, UVic Alumni Association


THE WEEK BEGINNING APRIL 18 WAS NATIONAL VOLUNTEER WEEK and it seems fitting to me that volunteers receive recognition during the spring season with new life all around us. The UVic Alumni Association wouldn’t exist without the support it receives from the many volunteers who constantly bring renewed energy to the organization.

At a recent board meeting we were treated to a presentation by the Student Ambassadors Association: an enthusiastic group of student volunteers whose members are often found helping out at alumni events. They raise funds through flower sales and diploma framing at graduation time and apply the proceeds to worthwhile purposes such as their recent purchase of chairs that were donated to the McPherson Library. The annual cleanup on campus is another of their projects and they generally help make connections between the university and its students that will pay dividends to the alumni association and the university for years to come.

The university is facing great challenges and it’s more important than ever that it receive the support of its alumni in meeting these challenges. To this end the alumni association has established the Alumni Volunteer Appreciation Award (see story on page 30) that will be presented annually to a member of the association who has made an exemplary volunteer contribution that benefits the association. The award will be presented at our Annual General Meeting and reception June 8 at the University Club. All alumni are welcome and encouraged to attend the AGM.

In addition to sitting as a member of the board of directors, you may support the association by joining one of our several committees, becoming an Online Community mentor or by participating in one of our events such as grad year orientation. More information on these and other volunteer opportunities is on the Alumni website (alumni.uvic.ca/volunteer.htm) or from the UVic Alumni Services office (721-6000 or 1-800-808-6828).

The primary reward is, of course, that by volunteering you help the university attain its worthy goals of providing a quality educational experience, of facilitating research and development and of promoting the arts and sciences generally. The community benefits from the activities of the university in so many ways and it is gratifying to participate in those activities in whatever way you can. You will also become acquainted with many fine people including, perhaps, some of those enthusiastic students who call themselves ambassadors.

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