UVic Torch -- Fall 2004
Autumn 2005,
Volume 26, Number 2

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Good Medicine

THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL ARTICLE ON UVIC'S new medical students. What an impressive group of young people. Actually, I was recently treated in emergency and one of the students was there learning from the ER physician. My care from both individuals was superb. It's wonderful that UVic is participating in this joint venture.

Susan Wilson, MA '94 Victoria

Tsunami and the News Cycle

READING THE ARTICLE BY MIKE CORBEIL ("LETTER FROM PHUKET," Spring 2005) brought back strong memories of the Asian tsunami. My wife, Dr. Naowarat Cheeptham, and I arrived at Phuket airport a half hour after the tsunami struck. The first hint of the disaster came as a soaked young boy ran screaming "my house is gone, there's water everywhere." Six months later, memories of the tsunami still bring strong emotions. The outpouring of help from around the world was inspiring. Nonetheless, in following news of the tsunami, it's also apparent how much of an instant society we have become. Now, it has largely vanished from the news. It makes me wonder how many of the pledges of support have also disappeared.

Joe Dobson, BA '91 Kamloops

A Follow-up from Phuket

I'VE BEEN VOLUNTEERING WITH THE WRITERS NETWORK for Andaman Coast Refurbishment. This group of Thai artists and writers has been working with small villages on the coast, far off the beaten tourist track, assisting them with recovery efforts. In Ranong Province we have been assisting children in a village where, out of 200 residents, 48 were lost to the waves, including a teacher and eight of her students who were practicing a dance performance for New Year celebrations. As a result of the previous Torch article, I've been able to raise close to $2,000 from UVic alumni, which has gone directly into the hands of these children. Further donations may be made to: Thai Military Bank, Patong Beach Branch. Account Name: Andaman Coast Refurbishment Fund. Account number: 444-2-08952-2. Bank code: TMBKTHBK.

Mike Corbeil, BSW '79 Phuket Island, Thailand

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