UVic Torch -- Fall 2004
Autumn 2005,
Volume 26, Number 2

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Photography By HÉLÈNE CYR

A FEW DAYS AFTER RON LOU-POY WAS ACCLAIMED FOR A SECOND TERM as the university’s chancellor he remarked in his usual, affable way: “Well, I guess no one else wanted the job.”

It’s more likely that very few would have been better for the job. Friendly, gracious, generous: pick your description. They all define the man and what he brings to the role of chancellor. President David Turpin, in announcing the reappointment said, it “is testimony to the respect and affection he has earned during his first three years in this position.”

Lou-Poy attended Victoria College, became a lawyer and when he moved back to Victoria became heavily involved in a wide range of community service groups.

While the chancellor’s position went uncontested, there are eight candidates for the four seats on the University Senate. They are elected by alumni and other members of the convocation. An election guide was mailed with the magazine to eligible voters who may vote either with a mail-in ballot or online at webvote.uvic.ca.

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