UVic Torch -- Fall 2004
Autumn 2005,
Volume 26, Number 2

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Seven Flames - Health-minded

FEW OF US WILL EVER GET TO GO ALONG ON AN ARCHAEOLOGICAL DIG among the ruins and camels of the Jordanian desert, surrounded by the heat and the wind and the echoes of an ancient culture. But it’s something to dream and wonder about.
It would be a rare privilege, too, to spend an autumn evening in the seaside woods of Metchosin, catching, tagging and releasing a mysterious owl species. You would almost feel yourself being absorbed in their wide and curious gaze.

And we always hear about game show contestants beating the odds and taking home a nice fat cheque thanks to an eclectic intellect and a fast buzzer finger. But what’s it really take to outwit the other competitors?

Here’s how a group of University of Victoria people have lived those experiences. The heart of your new edition of the magazine puts you in their shoes and gives you a sense of the challenges and rewards that flow from their pursuits. Our “How-To Guide for Armchair Scholars” also introduces you to intellectual adventurers, teachers with unusual and colourful classroom techniques, and a group of researchers and their community collaborators who are doing their best to keep alive indigenous Salish languages.

Their stories are meant as sampler of life in and beyond the university. Think of their experiences as food for thought and fuel for the imagination. And who knows? They could just be the springboard of inspiration for your own intellectual adventure.

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