UVic Torch -- Fall 2004
Spring 2005,
Volume 26, Number 1

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DOUG JOHNSON, BA ’77, LLB ’80 - Aboriginal Alumni: A New Partnership Aboriginal Alumni: A New Partnership

AT THE END OF JUNE I WILL HAVE COMPLETED MY SECOND TERM AS PRESIDENT of the Alumni Association and this is likely my last message in the Torch. I have greatly enjoyed the experience and it has left me with the firm belief that the future is very bright for both the university and the association.

During the last few years the university has experienced considerable growth. There are several new buildings including student’s residences, the Island Medical Program Building, the Engineering/Computer Sciences Building, the Continuing Studies Building and the Technology Enterprise Facility. Many more new building projects are in the planning stages. These include the expansion of the library, the First Peoples’ House and more. It’s clear that UVic has become an institution of stature with a history and an identity of which all alumni can be proud.

The university turned 40 in 2003 and several members of its first graduating class returned to the campus to help us celebrate the special occasion. Many of them marveled at the growth of the university over the relatively short period of time that had passed since they attended as students. I am indeed fortunate to have been involved with our association at a time when the university was coming of age. It was a time when the alumni association itself also reached a level of maturity that compels it to seek increased responsibilities.

It is clear that the current administration of the university welcomes the participation of alumni in the affairs of the university. The association receives support in many ways from the university and our views are frequently sought. We are able to suggest nominees to the board of governors and are invited to sit on several university committees. We have representatives at all convocation ceremonies and generally have a part to play at almost every level of the university. If you wish to become involved, please contact the UVic Alumni Services office as there is always a need for volunteers to fill a variety of roles including to sit as board members or to serve on university committees.

In closing, I wish to thank all of the members of the alumni association board for the skill and devotion they have displayed over the past two years. They are the reason I am so confident that the future of the association will be bright. I also wish to thank the alumni staff: particularly Don Jones, Marlene Bergstrom, Lynn Wilson, Linda Nicoll, Mike McNeney, Greg Churchill and Karen Whyte for the unwavering support they have provided to me and the board. And finally, I wish to thank Faye Wightman, Vice-President of External Relations, for the support she has provided to the association and the many valuable contributions she has made at our meetings.

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