UVic Torch -- Fall 2004
Spring 2005,
Volume 26, Number 1

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Pictures told the story

I wanted to comment on the recent photo gallery of pictures with respect to the first day back in September ("Day One," Autumn 2004). Of all the other articles I've read since leaving, it was one of the best. It brought back some very familiar feelings (good, and anxious) with respect to my first day back when I was attending UVic. Thanks for bringing back those memories.

Robin Mitchell, BSc ’86 Calgary

More About the Bones

I kept “Bear Bones Evidence of Early Life” (Spring 2004) because I have an interest in such discoveries and because I wanted to pursue it further with a grandson in Grade 9.

Having read “Setting the Bones Straight” (Autumn 2004) I should now ask my grandson to read the original item and the three letters without comment from me, then ask him what he makes of it all. I am a retired teacher. If I were still in the classroom I would present the above to my students to get their responses and opinions.

For me personally I am reminded that readers must be wary. Also for me Ms. Wigen’s omissions seem more than a lapse. For one so close to research, her hazy memories surely should have been clarified before agreeing to the original item.

Anthony Tadey, PNS ’50
North Vancouver

Part of the Parade

I was among students from “the castle” (Autumn 2003) having enrolled in 1946 at the time that hundreds of ex-servicemen and women descended on the college. I joined the hundreds in the parade that marched on the Parliament buildings demanding a larger campus, which we got—with the Provincial Normal School at the Lansdowne campus.

I spent the next year there, leaving in 1948 to become a provincial civil servant until retirement in 1983.

Before moving to the Interior, I lived in Gordon Head and saw the development of the university at the new site. I recently was through the area again, and it is now quite a sight.

Ray Jefferson, VC ’46
150 Mile House  

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