UVic Torch -- Fall 2004
Spring 2005,
Volume 26, Number 1

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Alumni Survey Maps Future

The UVic Alumni Association has completed its most extensive survey of members and is using the feedback to initiate plans to generate more awareness and participation in the association’s programs and services.

The association contracted R.A. Malatest and Associates, a Victoria-based market research company, to conduct a telephone survey and focus group sessions. A total of 601 alumni participated in the survey in September. Follow up focus groups were held in Victoria, Nanaimo and Vancouver.

The survey questions ranged from the level of satisfaction with alumni communications to the likelihood of participating in alumni events, and the level of interest in various services available to graduates.

Among the key findings, more than 70 per cent of respondents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with communications, with the Torch being the most commonly read publication. The survey also asked alumni to rate their interest in topics contained in publications. Research, university news, continuing studies, alumni association news, and Keeping in Touch notes were the most popular choices.

Asked to rank their likelihood of attending different events, alumni chose as their top three picks: public lectures, reunions, and plays at the Phoenix Theatre.

In terms of services available to alumni, respondents most often chose travel packages, special rates on home insurance, and the Alumni Benefits Card.

Alumni Services director Don Jones thanks survey and focus group participants and says the information they’ve provided will define the future of alumni events, benefits, student programs and alumni services. “One of the things that has become clear from the survey is that a fair number of alumni are asking for services that we already offer,” Jones says. “Our challenge is to bring that information to them and, ultimately, to get more grads involved with their university either as volunteers or as financial supporters.”

A benefits and services guide, Alumni Almanac is available from the alumni office (e-mail: alumni@uvic.ca). And all alumni are welcome to attend the association’s Annual General Meeting on June 22 at the University Club.

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