UVic Torch -- Fall 2004
Spring 2005,
Volume 26, Number 1

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The Daily Dozen The Daily Dozen
Photography by MARK STROZIER

Guy Pilch, MA ’99, a counselling psychologist and founder of Train the Brain Consulting, offers these basic tips for keeping the mind at its sharpest. Pilch, with the UVic Centre on Aging, presents workshops on maintaining brain power.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep.
  2. Eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet.
  3. Maintain a positive outlook.
  4. Control blood pressure and cholesterol.
  5. Set goals and stretch yourself (without
    unrealistic expectations).
  6. Learn to control stress.
  7. Manage your moods.
    Depression, anxiety, and panic affect brain performance.
  8. Find someone caring to
    confide in.
  9. Regular exercise has good mental as well as physical benefits.
  10. Develop a spiritual practice. Research shows that the mental health effects of prayer and meditation are comparably beneficial.
  11. Avoid health hazards. A glass of wine a day may have health benefits for some people; more than that will not help anyone’s brain functioning. Most drugs of abuse are very harmful to long term mental fitness.
  12. Participate in brain stimulating activities like dancing, playing bridge or doing crosswords.

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