UVic Torch -- Fall 2004
Spring 2005,
Volume 26, Number 1

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Masterful Marsalis No Fear Daily Dozen Hockey School We’re Expanding

We're Expanding

There’s a building boom on campus. New construction will help the university cope with a space crunch from the growing population of young people plus the province-wide shift from a resource-based to knowledge-based economy. More

Tech Park Purchased
The university has acquired the Vancouver Island Technology Park, in Saanich, in a move that promises to create greater synergy among faculty researchers, graduate students, co-op students, spin-off companies and established firms. More

Hockey School
When word got out that English instructor Doug Beardsley was introducing a new course this spring—“Hockey Literature and the Canadian Psyche”—the 40 seats in the class were quickly reserved, ESPN offered to fly him to New York for an interview, and e-mail arrived from hockey fans and academics from as far away as Texas and China. More

Masterful Marsalis
Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis—jazz statesman and one of the genre’s most prominent and controversial figures of the past two decades—joined the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra (including bassist Carlos Henriquez) at the University Centre in February. More

The Big Buildup
For geologists who try to understand the way the earth generates its crust, Pito Deep, a submarine canyon near Easter Island, exposes a phenomenal treasure of rock outcroppings that were key parts of the volcanic process of earth-building. More

No Fear
When Steve Canning—talented photographer, writer, student and, above all, adventurer—died last spring from injuries sustained in an accident on Mt. Logan he left a collection of fine photos like this one. More

Alumni Survey Maps Future
The UVic Alumni Association has completed its most extensive survey of members and is using the feedback to initiate plans to generate more awareness and participation in the association’s programs and services. More

The Daily Dozen
Guy Pilch, MA ’99, a counselling psychologist and founder of Train the Brain Consulting, offers these basic tips for keeping the mind at its sharpest. More

Tim Stockwell came to the university last year, joining the new Centre for Addictions Research of BC as its director. More

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