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Autumn 2006,
Volume 27, Number 2

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Alumni volunteering: you never know what it might lead to.

BEING INVOLVED WITH UVIC HAS ITS SHARE OF ADVENTURES. I’m living proof. The most recent example involved, of all things, a fish. My wife Dianne came to me to say that Beth Doman, our friend and a graphic designer at the university, had called. Beth wanted me to cook a salmon. No problem, I said, and went about my business.

You might wonder why no questions entered my mind about such an unusual request. But you need to understand that Beth is a vegetarian who wouldn’t cook a salmon if her life depended on it. So, she needed a surrogate chef to do the deed. After all, I am a noted omnivore-about-town, and I do a lot of cooking. A natural choice!

The next day, I discovered a whole coho on the kitchen counter and Beth in the living room enjoying a glass of wine with Dianne. Beth explained the salmon. I could keep the meat; she only wanted half the fish—from mid-section to tail—skeleton only. It turns out the fish would be the key design element in promotional materials for a February forum on the state of our oceans. Sponsored by the university and the Royal Society of Canada, “Are We Killing the World’s Oceans?” promises to be one of those provocative public gatherings that really enrich our community.

So, that night, I set about poaching the coho, then stripped the flesh and dutifully cleaned the skeleton with a paint brush. Be sure to look for the forum advertising—and note the skeleton section and the cook responsible for it!

I have to say that my involvement with the UVic Alumni Association has provided some very interesting, if unexpected, experiences like this. But it’s all fun and hopefully it makes you think about getting involved too. You probably won’t be asked to cook a salmon but you will connect with a lot of interesting and creative people.

My next problem is that I have about five pounds of salmon in my freezer. I’ve decided I need to hold a contest for the best salmon recipe. Send your recipe for salmon chowder, salmon casserole, salmon cakes or any other form of flaked salmon to me at my page on the new UVic Online Community (olcnetwork.net/uvic). I’ll announce the winner in the next edition of the Torch.

One other thing: Dianne and I have decided to take the MSC Opera Transatlantic Cruise sponsored by the Alumni Travel Program in April. If any of you would like to join us, contact University Travel at (250) 721-4322 for information.

We could try a little fishing during the crossing!

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