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Autumn 2006,
Volume 27, Number 2

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By meeting with alumni, wherever they can be found, we’re keeping you in the campus loop.

I RECENTLY COMPLETED MY FIRST YEAR OF WORKING AT UVIC and in those 12 months I’ve had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of alumni in Victoria, Vancouver, across Canada and in Asia. Your enthusiasm and commitment to UVic never fails to impress.

I enjoy getting out and meeting as many alumni as possible. It’s vital. That’s because I see my role as one that represents alumni interests and makes sure your voice is heard within the university. I need to hear from you. I need to know what the university can do for you.

In my travels over the past year, you’ve told me how important it is for us to keep our community of alumni bound to each other and to the university. When I think back on the things we’ve accomplished this year, I recall the great get together we had at GM Place in Vancouver. Our guest speaker that night was Chris Hebb, BA ’80, who at the time was the vice-president of broadcast and new media for Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment, the parent company of the Vancouver Canucks. He’s since moved on to work for the Toronto Maple Leafs—but we won’t hold that against him! We’ll get him involved in Toronto.

One of the truly great things about that night in Vancouver was the cross section of grads that were in attendance. We had representation from the Class of ’72 all the way up to recent grads. It was great to see, and Chris’ talk—about the major connections between his linguistics degree and his career path—were truly inspiring and we appreciate Chris sharing his time and his observations with our group.

If you can’t make it out to our events there are many ways to keep in contact with UVic: send a Keeping in Touch note to the Torch or become a member of the new UVic Online Community. You can also join an alumni chapter. If there isn’t already a chapter for your department or area of interest, we can help you start one.

In the year ahead, I’m making it my goal to meet more alumni and to build an even stronger community. I want to know what you like about what we’re doing for alumni and what we can improve.

For the time being, let me again say that it has been an honour and a privilege to sit down with our alumni as I’ve learned the lay of the land. I look forward to meeting with you during my travels this coming year. Check the alumni Web site (alumni.uvic.ca) to find out when we will be in your community.

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