UVic Torch -- Autumn 2006
Autumn 2006,
Volume 27, Number 2

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THE 2006-07 UVIC ALUMNI ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS includes some news faces along with familiar ones. They’re all dedicated to building the link between the university and its alumni.

Back row, from the left: Doug Johnson, LLB ’80, Past-President; Tracie Sibbald, BA ’83; Larry Cross, BEd ’64, President; Eric Gee, VC ’46; Paul Senez, MA ’02, Secretary; Glenda Rathwell, BSc ’98; Peter Tanner, BA ’91; Marion Ashton, BA ’98; Lise Luk, BSc ’00. Front row, from the left: Doug Ransom, BEng ’90; Erica Grainger, Student Ambassadors Assocation, Co-President; Janet Cho, BA ’02; Christina Moniz, SAA Co-President; Don Jones, Ex-officio/Alumni Services Director; Anne McLaughlin, VC ’48, Honorary President; Pat Burns, BA ’96; Linda Stagg, MPA ’04; Kathleen Barnes, BA ’98, Vice-President. Not shown: Valerie Gonzalez, PhD ’97, Faculty Association; Gary Weir, MPA ’87, Treasurer.

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