UVic Torch -- Autumn 2006
Autumn 2006,
Volume 27, Number 2

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Hand in Hand
It’s a timeless image of companionship, even if briefcases and handbags have long been replaced by the ubiquitous back pack. More

A Fish Story, Alumni Style
Being involved with UVic has its share of adventures. I’m living proof. More

Bringing UVic to You
I recently completed my first year of working at UVic and in those 12 months I’ve had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of alumni in Victoria, Vancouver, across Canada and in Asia.

A Big Welcome
Many of the approximately 600 entrance scholarship recipients were given an official welcome to campus just after they settled into their first year at UVic. More

Rack and Roll
The latest campus service project to be completed by the Student Ambassadors Association gives students and campus visitors more places to lock up their bikes. More

College Pride
Did you now that the woman who warned the world about the dangers of the drug thalidomide attended Victoria College when it was in Craigdarroch Castle? More

Turning it Around
Raffi Cavoukian—musician, children’s troubadour and advocate—visited campus in June for the Canadian launch of the anthology Child Honouring: How to Turn this World Around. More

Spin to Win
Apart from the line up for the free burgers at the President’s Day of Welcome at the start of the school year, the other sure place to find a big group of students is at the Alumni Association’s Spin-the-Wheel game. More

Here’s the Plan
With the start of the new school year came the launch of a new effort to bring students into the loop in terms of what the alumni association can offer, even before graduation. More

Meet the Volunteers
The 2006-07 UVic Alumni Association Board of Directors includes some news faces along with familiar ones. They’re all dedicated to building the link between the university and its alumni. More

Honour and Appreciation
The 2006 Honorary Alumnus Award has gone to Andy Farquharson (below)—longtime board member and former director of the Learning and Teaching Centre. More

Teaming Up
The UVic Alumni Association has entered a formal sponsorship agreement with Vikes Athletics, formalizing its support of events like the annual UVic Golf Classic and the Athletic Awards Banquet. More

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