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Autumn 2006,
Volume 27, Number 2

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Name that Judoga

I VIEWED WITH PARTICULAR INTEREST YOUR "THROWBACK, 1965" photo in the spring 2006 edition. It first appeared in the student yearbook that year (yes, in the early years of UVic we did produce a yearbook!). I am indeed the thrower in the photo, and I believe the judoga in the air, upside down was Don Alexander. After leaving UVic, he had an outstanding career with the RCMP, retiring as a staff sergeant. He is now deceased. I’m not certain about all the remaining athletes in the photo, but the young man on the extreme left is Richard Crossley.

I must state that the male and female members of that Judo Club were a particularly hardy lot. As a first-degree black belt (shodan), I did an exhibition down at the Young Building (Victoria College, Lansdowne campus) in ‘63 and was subsequently asked to start a judo club when we all moved up to the Gordon Head campus. There we were first provided with one of the old unheated military shacks, with a broken window. Snow occasionally blew through that broken pane onto the mat (an old piece of canvas covering some hammock mattresses). Warming up for a workout certainly took on a whole new meaning. Ah, those were the days my friends!

Jim London, MA '76 Victoria

No Perks Here

MY FAMILY AND I CURRENTLY LIVE IN BRUSSELS WHERE MY HUSBAND works for the Canadian delegation to NATO, as a military senior staff officer. During our time here I have also worked at the Canadian delegation as receptionist. I found the "Inside Tact" story interesting and amusing. Why amusing? The paragraph concerning the perks of working as the Canadian ambassador to NATO is more a highly romantic notion than grounded in reality. That, or the delegation has shifted hallways. The desks are neither outsized, nor the carpets fine nor is there a private government of Canada jet at his, or the ambassador's disposal. The carpets are a hodgepodge of colour and design, well-cleaned and replaced, piece-meal on a budgetary basis [read: only as the government of Canada budget allows; I daresay some of the carpets are older than my teenaged sons].

Teresa Mills-Clark, BSN '83 Brussels

Three Cheers

I JUST PIRATED MY HUSBAND'S COPY OF THE TORCH (WE'RE BOTH ALUMNI but never met while we were there) which arrived today, and read it from cover to cover. I think this version of the Torch is one of the best I've read in a long time. It is more spacious, bright and brimming with experiences. I love all the real-life ways people are incorporating the globe in what they do and the passions they have. I also love the two-page photo dedicated to Ms. Woolstencroft's achievements at the Paralympics. Thanks for a good read.

Heather Bell, BA '97 Halifax

I READ THE LATEST EDITION OF THE TORCH FROM COVER TO COVER AND am most impressed with it. Not only is the content very interesting, but the design is most pleasing. I can't tell you how much I enjoy a clean page! Also, I really like to read an article start to finish without having to go searching it after the first page. I am even going to share this issue with my husband, who is a typographical designer. Usually I hide publications from him because I don't want to hear the rant!

Arleigh Trail, MEd '03 Shawnigan Lake

I APPRECIATE SO MUCH RECEIVING THE TORCH AND READ IT COVER TO cover, finding the articles most interesting. Although I never had the opportunity to attend university after high school (graduating in the Depression years) I have taken many Continuing Studies courses in the past few years. Recently I've concluded participation in a four-year research study ("Project Mind") through the Centre on Aging and the Department of Psychology. I've been very fortunate to have had these opportunities, for, as I approach 87 years, it has become more difficult to bus it to UVic.

Eileen Rutherford Victoria

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