UVic Torch -- Autumn 2006
Autumn 2006,
Volume 27, Number 2

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3M Fellow Gweneth Doane

Top teacher: Nursing Prof. Gweneth Doane was awarded a 3M Teaching Fellowship, the top Canadian honour for excellence and leadership in university teaching. Doane, a 2004 winner of the Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching, is highly regarded for her ability to link research with teaching. A specialist in ethics in nursing, she’s also adept at bringing technology into the learning environment.

Royally speaking: The summer also brought word of two more faculty members being named to the Royal Society of Canada. They are Humanities Dean Andrew Rippin, a leading authority on Islamic studies, and History Prof. Patricia Roy, known for her work in Canadian ethnic history.

NEPTUNE rising: The UVic-led undersea research project, NEPTUNE (see Torch, spring 2004), got a boost in September. The first cabled ocean observatory, to be built off the coast of the Vancouver Island starting next year, received an additional $20 million from the Canada Foundation for Innovation ($8 million) and the BC Knowledge Development Fund ($8 million) and in-kind support from industry partner Alcatel ($4 million). It will nearly triple NEPTUNE’s planned array of instruments to measure seismic activity and marine climate and ecology.

Aboriginal economy: Support grows for the first National Chair in Economic Development, at UVic. Initial funding of $2 million from Industry Canada and $1 million from the province has been followed by $1-million commitments each from BC Hydro and the Calgary-based natural gas producer EnCana Corporation. A further $200,000 has been donated by pipeline operator, Enbridge Inc. The chair holder could be named next year, residing in the faculties of Law and Business because of their respective teaching and research strengths in Aboriginal law and entrepreneurship.

Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits: Leave it to the campus rabbits to arouse controversy this summer when news of a new fence to keep them out of Finnerty Gardens ignited debate in the local press. Letter writers weighed in on the plant-chomping burrowers. In one corner, those in favour of eliminating the “pests.” In the other corner, those who adore their uniqueness as a kind of UVic icon. The hubbub had settled by September when classes resumed, the rabbits hopping freely.

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