UVic Torch -- Spring 2006
Spring 2006,
Volume 27, Number 1

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THE RICHLY TRADITIONAL JAPANESE ART OF JUDO (“the gentle way”) is not enjoying quite the same popularity as other martial arts these days: the campus judo club is in a dormant period. But around 1965 there was no lack of interest, demonstrated here in an image from the old gym.

For technical analysis, we called upon Prof. Kees van Kooten, who—apart from his expertise in economics, natural resources and climate change—is also a fourth dan (black belt), having started in judo about the same time this picture was taken.

He explains that the throw seen here “is a variation of a standard hip throw (O goshi) with the twist that, rather than having the hand placed on the lower back, the thrower (tori) has gripped his opponent (uki) under the armpit. Other than that, standard hip throw.”

If you happen to know (or be) anyone in the photo, how about letting us know? Send a note to torch@uvic.ca.

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