UVic Torch -- Spring 2006
Spring 2006,
Volume 27, Number 1

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Throwback, 1965
The richly traditional Japanese art of Judo ("the gentle way") is not enjoying quite the same popularity as other martial arts these days: the campus judo club is in a dormant period. More

Rooted in Our Past
When i was a member of the university's first graduating class in 1964 we tried to think of an appropriate gift to our university. More

Toronto Alumni: St. Patrick's Shindig
UVic alumni in Toronto turned out to share in some st. patrick's Day cheer and to do some catching up at the Original Motorcycle Cafe downtown Toronto in March.

A Night at "The Garage"
Vancouver-area alumni had a great time at GM Place in March. More

Science in Business
An alumnus whose physics degree was a springboard to prominence in the international oil and gas industry is now lending his support to new generations of science students at the University of Victoria. More

Alumni Travel Picks
Like to see Alaska's natural grandeur with just a few (rather than few thousand) others? Cruise on the classic West Coast tall ship, Maple Leaf. More

Branching out in Nanaimo
There's a move afoot to organize alumni in the Nanaimo area into a formal branch of the UVic Alumni Association. More

Exercising Generosity
The McKinnon building's latest exercise equipment is a state of the art multi-station resistance training centre donated by the Student Ambassador Association. More

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