UVic Torch -- Spring 2006
Spring 2006,
Volume 27, Number 1

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LAST YEAR LORNA CROZIER, the poet and chair of the Department of Writing, invited four students at the University of Veracruzana in Xalapa, Mexico to take part in a poetry exchange with four UVic writing students. The result: Assembling the Bones/Ensamblar Los Huesos (Sockeye Press), a chapbook of eight poems in English and Spanish.

For Anne-Marie Turza, in her fourth year of the UVic writing program, “translation is like assembling a collection of bones. You hope you’ve found enough of them to make a skeleton…You hope to be congratulated on assembling what is almost (but not quite), a full set of its teeth.” The translator of her poem, If There Is Foregiveness, was Nadia Escalante Andrade, poet and researcher of Hispanic poetry.

If There Is Forgiveness
Anne-Marie Turza
Snow, forgive our boots their trails on the hardwood tiles, forgive our
sodden gloves. It was your job to be cold, to fall outside the house and our
concern. We’d been outdoors, we’d been playing; now, still in our snowsuits,
we touched our father’s cotton sleeve. Unsure. His body on the kitchen
floor. It was winter and the afternoon and we were children. Caught in
being human and abandoned. In the snow-filled yard, a clash of men and
angels. A flurry. Snow, forgive us. We drew you in, transformed.

Si El Perdón Es Posible
Anne-Marie Turza (Traducción de Nadia Escalante Andrade)
Nieve, perdona nuestras botas, su rastro en la duela del hogar; perdona
nuestros guantes que gotean. Era tu deber ser fría, caer afuera de la casa y
de nuestro afán. Estuvimos al aire libre, hemos jugado; ahora, aun vestidos
de frío, tocamos la tibia manga de algodón de nuestro padre. Tímidos. Su
cuerpo tendido en la cocina. Era el invierno y la tarde y éramos niños. El
ser humanos y la orfandad nos sorprendieron. En el patio cuajado de nieve,
un estrépito do ángeles y hombres. Ráfaga de hielos. Nieve, danos tu perdón.
Te hicimos cruzar el umbral, transformada. 

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