UVic Torch -- Spring 2006
Spring 2006,
Volume 27, Number 1

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When it comes down to it, an international educationbegins from the first moment on campus.

As with my son, there is a growing recognition in all sectors of society that our horizons must expand and that we must all endeavour to become truly global citizens.

For over two decades, the University of Victoria has been a leader in providing our students opportunities for international engagement. And today, our alumni are making a difference in their communities around the world.

I believe that the ability to have that impact begins the first time a student comes to our campus. More and more, our academic programs and the work of our faculty are linked to the global community.

Our growing international engagement is something that the University of Victoria has wholeheartedly embraced. Our strategic plan, currently undergoing a formal review, affirms our commitment to global concerns. We recognize that the social, environmental and economic issues we face are global in nature and that global citizenship and engagement are fundamental to our mission.

We are growing our international student body. Our faculty members are increasingly diverse and conducting research with colleagues around the world. Through both our students and faculty, we are bringing the world to our campus.

We are also encouraging and assisting our students in pursuing opportunities to study and work abroad equipping themselves with the tools they need to be global leaders and citizens.
As we move forward, we will continue to look to ways to enhance the international dimension of our educational and research activities.

This edition of the magazine highlights the level of commitment to global engagement that our faculty, students, staff and alumni are pursuing every day—whether it involves international research collaborations or the challenging act of one student embarking on an internship halfway around the world.

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