UVic Torch -- Autumn 2007
Autumn 2007,
Volume 28, Number 2

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I FEEL PRIVILEGED TO SERVE AS THE NEW PRESIDENT of the University of Victoria Alumni Association. My predecessor, Larry Cross, gave the board of directors excellent advice and guidance during his two-year term.

Fortunately, he remains on the board as past president, allowing us all to continue to seek his advice whenever necessary. “The University of Victoria Garry Oak Meadow” that Larry spearheaded firmly establishes continuing recognition of alumni and their contributions to UVic. His efforts on the association’s strategic plan for 2003-08 provides us with a valuable document enabling the board of directors to work in concert with UVic’s strategic plan. On behalf of alumni, thank you Larry for your dedication and hard work.

I am a communication consultant and a writer who graduated from UVic in 1998 with a BA in Writing from the Faculty of Fine Arts. Being asked to serve on the association’s board was indeed an honour. My time as a student at UVic was exciting and challenging and being able to reconnect with the university is a pleasure. I consequently joined the board in 2003.

In February 2007, the university introduced its renewed strategic plan: “A Vision for the Future–Building on Strength.” I hope you take the time to read the goals and the vision of being a university of choice for outstanding students, faculty and staff. The alumni association is currently establishing its own strategic plan to make our association the life-long link between the university and its graduates by developing programs directed to alumni, current students and potential students.

The university and the alumni association have worked together to strengthen this relationship throughout the years. As president of the association, I aim to maintain this outstanding relationship we have with the university. Also, I shall work to keep the alumni association interesting and vibrant. To accomplish this, I encourage you to attend our many exciting events in the upcoming year and to consider obtaining your Alumni Benefits Card, offering special privileges to alumni.

The University of Victoria is indeed a great university and many of our alumni have achieved outstanding success. We welcome all alumni to maintain your connection with the university.

I look forward with pleasure to meeting many of you during my term of office and learning about your achievements. It looks like an exciting year ahead for the UVic Alumni Association.

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