UVic Torch -- Spring 2007
Spring 2007,
Volume 28, Number 1

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“Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of just how powerful an alumni network can be.”

Spring time on the University of Victoria campus brings the wonderful scent of cherry blossoms, an incredible array of rhododendron blooms, and graduation for about 3,000 anxious soon-to-be-alumni. You remember the feeling, don’t you? The nervous anticipation about starting a new career, going on to furt

That’s because our son Alexander graduates in May from the University of BC. In a recent conversation he said he was looking forward to graduating and having the opportunity to “make some money.” But at the same time he is going to miss the place that has been his home for the past four years. That walk across the stage on convocation day marks a new passage in time for Alexander and in June he leaves for Japan for one year to teach English.

As we talked, I asked if he had given any thought to his new “membership.” He looked at me questioningly. Your alumni membership, I said. Another questioning look. He wasn’t getting it.

I explained to him that his alumni membership provided him with a network that, for example, is a wonderful tool to help him as he prepares for his trip abroad and throughout his career. How many 22 year-olds have access that sort of network?

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of just how powerful an alumni network can be.

UVic’s Class of ’07—and all of the graduating classes before them—have access to all kinds of support from their fellow grads in the UVic Alumni Association.
One place to start is the Online Community Network. Sign up and stay connected with the UVic alumni family.

I also hope that our more established alumni will welcome a call or a visit from recent alumni. You really can help them achieve their dreams. And isn’t that what families are for?

PS: If you are a parent of an alumnus or alumna who no longer lives at home, could you please pass this magazine onto them and encourage them to send us a change of address? If you are not already receiving your own copy of the Torch we would be happy to put you on our mailing list. Send your address information to torch@uvic.ca.

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