UVic Torch -- Spring 2007
Spring 2007,
Volume 28, Number 1

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President’s Perspective

What makes the University of Victoria unique? Recently we have given serious thought to this question, allowing us to focus clearly on the key characteristics that make our institution unlike that of almost any other research university in Canada. More

Best Light
Mystic Vale offers any number of sights and sounds on a late winter morning. More

Self-portrait of the Artist as the Little Tramp
Among the many treasures held by the Special Collections section of the McPherson Library is this 1931 self-portrait by cinematic genius Charlie Chaplin whose silent and “talkie” masterpieces included City Lights, Modern Times, and The Great Dictator. More

An Organic Magnet
Imagine a lightweight magnet that, unlike a dense bar of iron, could bend like plastic. More

Debut in Winter
After a horrendous winter, we offer a moment to observe and to be rekindled by the first blooms in Finnerty Gardens. More

Research “Broker” Opens Shop
“Our job is to match the research interests coming from a variety of places in the community with research capacities within the university. We’re a broker,” says Budd Hall, director of the new Office of Community-based Research. More

Grassland Keys
Northern BC grasslands are rich, diverse systems about which very little is understood except that they can have an important role in restoring the environment, especially after oil and gas exploration. More

Virtual Learning Lodge
A Web-based version of the well-established Indigenous Child and Youth Care Diploma will combine technology and Aboriginal learning traditions. More

Theirs by Name
Ken and Kathy Shields can see a tangible expression of their legendhood every time they go to Vikes basketball games. More

The Malahat at 40
Malahat Review co-founders John Peter and Robin Skelton. More

Paper Airport
Leave it to the engineers to come up with an elaborate way to take advantage of the atrium in the new, six-floor Engineering/Computer Science Building. More

Talking climate: No other Canadian scientist was as prominent—or patient with—the news media than UVic climate modelling specialist, Prof. Andrew Weaver. More

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