UVic Torch -- Autumn 2007
Spring 2008,
Volume 29, Number 1

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ANOTHER UNIVERSITY YEAR BEGINS, AND THE UVIC ALUMNI ASSOCIATION looks forward to another year of outstanding activities.

We had many significant events take place over the past year with the most important of these being the election of a new chancellor for the university. The association’s nominee for chancellor, Murray Farmer, BA ’68, was elected in June. We are honoured to welcome him as chancellor-elect and look forward to when he is officially the chancellor in 2009. Murray has stepped down as the chair of the UVic Board of Governors but his dedicated commitment to the university will continue in his new position.

Ron Lou-Poy, who attended Victoria College and received an honorary doctorate of laws from UVic in 2000, has served as chancellor of the university for six years and his dedication is greatly appreciated. At the end of this year, his term of office will end. Ron has represented the university with loyalty and enthusiasm. The alumni association thanks him so much for giving his time and experience during his term. Thanks also to his wife, May, whose presence at our many functions was very special.

Welcome to our new board members who were elected at the alumni association’s AGM in the spring. I appreciate their involvement on the board, volunteering to work on various committees and promoting our university. During our AGM, we said good-bye to board members who have given their time over the past years. Many thanks for your contribution to the alumni association, it is most appreciated, and please keep in touch.

There are several scheduled events ahead for our alumni and I hope you take the opportunity to attend and stay connected to UVic. We are always happy to meet you and hear of your achievements and the path your life has taken. Check out our web site too which provides information on upcoming functions.

I look forward with pleasure to the year ahead. It promises to be a full and active one for the alumni association. I hope you participate as much as you can, as you will find the events most enjoyable and rewarding. It will be my pleasure to meet you at our gatherings.

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