UVic Torch -- Autumn 2008
Autumn 2008,
Volume 29, Number 2

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ANY TIME I WALK ACROSS OUR BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS at the beginning of the school year I’m amazed by all of the energy and excitement that our students bring to the place. It’s a very special time of year. For many students, it’s also a time of incredible transition.

For all of those new students, arriving at UVic for the first time, each day of the early fall term brings new challenges and discoveries. Whether it’s just getting from point A to point B or juggling class schedules and study time, those first few days can be pretty hectic. Thankfully, our student orientation team do a tremendous job in helping new students get acquainted with their new home.

The alumni association has a role in this, too. If you were around campus during student orientation activities you probably noticed the members of the Student Alumni Association in their bright “Plan A!” t-shirts. Plan A! represents all of the many programs that the alumni sponsor in order to offer support to students.

For other students, the opening of classes is old hat. Many of them are entering their final year of studies—about 3,000 will graduate at next spring’s convocation ceremonies. They’re entering the final stage of one part of their UVic life, to be followed by careers, grad school or maybe some time off to travel.

But wherever their paths lead, the alumni association is here to keep them connected through Torch, the UVic Online Community, our many special events and the special benefits and services that are part of being a member of the UVic alumni family.

Explore the new version of the OLC (olcnetwork.net/uvic), which is marking its 10th anniversary with a new design and tools to help you maintain your network of UVic connections.

And don’t forget to mark your calendar for Alumni Week 2009, during the first week of February. It’s our second annual series of events to celebrate you—UVic alumni. Information about Alumni Week (and other upcoming events) is on the web at alumni.uvic.ca. I look forward to seeing you, and keep in touch!

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