UVic Torch -- Autumn 2008
Autumn 2008,
Volume 29, Number 2

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College’s Castle Years Join Campus Collection
Imagine attending classes, not in a new high-tech, energy efficient building, but in the splendid but Spartan interior of a coal baron’s mansion. More

Looking Back at Lansdowne
Edward Harvey, a former Victoria College student, isn’t about to romanticize his school years. More

Association Roundup
Another university year begins, and the UVic Alumni Association looks forward to another year of outstanding activities. More

Transition Time
Any time I walk across our beautiful campus at the beginning of the school year I’m amazed by all of the energy and excitement that our students bring to the place. More

Tagged, Alumni
Recent special events brought together alumni in Victoria, Vancouver, Shanghai and Beijing. More

2008-09 Alumni Association directors

Aboriginal Alumni
The UVic Aboriginal Alumni Chapter needs you to join our steering committee. More

Online Makeover
UVic’s social networking gets site improvements. More

vox alumni
It took 14 years and a trip to Rwanda for me to realize what a terrible student I was. More

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