UVic Torch -- Autumn 2007
Spring 2008,
Volume 29, Number 1

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T.S. ELIOT WROTE, "THE END IS WHERE WE START FROM," noting how we complete a journey, only to discover the beginning of another. On the eve of convocation, some of this year’s graduates reflect on their UVic years and cast their minds into the future.

Writing student Barbara Stewart posed two questions, framed in hindsight and hope: What would you tell yourself if you could turn the clock back to the start of university? And in four years, what would you hope to be saying about the life you are living?

The start: “Get more involved in the happenings of campus right from the start. School becomes so much more than just a place to take classes when you’re working at things you love with other people who share the same passions.”

The future:“It’s easy to feel pressured to have your whole career path planned out, and I worry even now about where I’ll end up. Four years from now, I’d like to be able to look back and say that there was no need to panic, that opportunities come from surprising places, and being open to those opportunities can be the best long-term plan.”

Rosemary Westwood, Writing

The start: “What I would tell my 18 year-old self is, ‘Just relax, everything works out.’”

The future:“Take the risks. You don’t remember when you got the eight hours of sleep; you remember the times that you did the unexpected.”

Kate Costin, Theatre

The start: “‘Speed it up a little,’ because it got a lot more expensive from 2000 to 2008. It’s been an epic journey.”

The future:“I hope to say, I knew I could pay (my loan) off! I have a Mercedes Benz in education.”

Janice Arnot, History in Art

The start: “I would tell myself that I would have had way more fun if I didn’t procrastinate so bloody much. But I would also tell myself to never hesitate to get involved with something, or try something out. The best experiences I’ve had here have mostly been outside of the classroom.”

The future:“I hope that I’ll be able to congratulate myself on living a life that lets me do what I want to do. If I’m not doing something that excites me, I had better have a bloody good excuse why I’m not doing it.”

Spencer Anderson, Political Science

The start: “It’s really good that we don’t know the details and trials that are ahead of us, and yet at the same time, it’s important to trust the process as you move forward.”

The future:“It was always a dream of mine to be in hospice nursing. That would be lovely. To know that all the difficulties served as stepping stones to get me to that place, it would be worth it.”

Marcy Richardson, Nursing

The start: “Try to diversify my courses a little more by stretching out the time that I’ve spend here, in order to take some non-engineering courses. I would have loved to take some courses in Greek and Roman History.”

The future:“I should have slowed down and spent more time with the bunnies. I’ll probably miss them.”

Simon Ramage, Computer Engineering

The start: “Although it was great to learn the fundamentals through UVic Business, what I’m taking away (after almost six years) is my added confidence and certainty of success. I don’t think I could have gained this any better way.”

The future:“I hope that I still have these beliefs and that I’m still utilizing my ambition to move myself forward.”

Amy Kleckner, Business

The start: “Take a variety of courses and don’t try so hard to graduate in four years. Take the time to enjoy the experience.”

The future:“I hope definitely to be done graduate school. I’d want to know that I’m waking up in the morning to a career that I actually want to do.”

Noorin Chatur, Political Science

The start: “Ninety per cent of success is holding on when others let go.’ That quote got me through school. I was a single mom when I started. I didn’t even have $10 to pay for a transcript. The kindness of strangers got me to this place.”

The future:“Education is empowering. I would hope to hear how I have inspired and empowered others.”

Marcia Koenders, Sociology

The start: “My interest right from the start was to go to graduate school, so the only thing I would say to myself is, ‘It was worth it.’”

The future:“I’d like to be able to ask myself, ‘Have you been able to use your education to make a difference in someone’s life?’”

Brandon Lum, Political Science

The start: “Get into everything, do everything you can, as soon as you can.”

The future:“I am on the right track. I’m walking into a (medical school) residency.”

David Urquhart, Biology

The start: “When I started this process, I thought I would achieve an end.”

The future:“Instead, I have achieved a beginning.”

Beverly Duthie, English

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