UVic Torch -- Autumn 2007
Spring 2008,
Volume 29, Number 1

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President’s Perspective

UVic becomes home base for province-wide approaches to climate change adaptation and mitigation. More

Best Light
Part of the art of studying is finding the right place. When you have to plow through a pile of assigned reading or prep for the next big exam, it’s hard to be “in the zone” if your surroundings aren’t quite right. More

Collaborating on Climate
The new Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, led by UVic and introduced earlier this year, will harness the expertise of the province’s leading thinkers on climate change mitigation and adaptation and form a gateway to similar work on the international scene. More

Report: Adapt, and Now
Water shortages, threats to infrastructure, fires and pests in timberlands, stresses on fisheries and agriculture: these are some of the main climate change impacts faced by BC and they are impacts that need to be addressed proactively at the community level. More

Path to Action
Sustainability is the focus of a year-long, cross-campus effort to create a formal policy and action plan for UVic. More

After a design and construction period of about two decades, the ATLAS experiment is almost ready now that the final pieces—9.3-m, 100-tonne “wheels” (one of which is being lowered in the photo)—are in place. More

Child Soldiers
Singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn and retired Lt.-Gen. Roméo Dallaire will appear at the University Centre Farquhar Auditorium on Oct. 4 to raise funds for research on ways to end the use of child soldiers. More

Convocation Elections
Members of convocation will elect a new chancellor this spring to replace Ron Lou-Poy, who completes his second term on Dec. 31. More

Law, Nunavut Style
Learning the subtleties of circuit courts in the land of the Inuit. More

Older and Stronger
Like Prof. David Docherty tells seniors who attend his popular talks: you’re never too old for strength training. More

Talk to Me, Baby
What infants have to say about language development. More

Class of 2008
T.S. Eliot wrote, “The end is where we start from,” noting how we complete a journey, only to discover the beginning of another. On the eve of convocation, some of this year’s graduates reflect on their UVic years and cast their minds into the future. More

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