UVic Torch -- Spring 2009
Autumn 2009,
Volume 30, Number 2

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By Glenda Wyatt, BSc ’98

New president reconnects by volunteering.

I have a confession. I wasn’t supposed to be on the alumni board of directors. When the alumni association first asked me to join the board, I turned them down. After some encouragement from my partner Karl, I called back and accepted. After all, I wanted to start volunteering again and was thinking I should get involved in the community. This, on second thought, could be the perfect opportunity.

Looking back, I was not really involved in the university community when I was attending classes. As a student, my work-load was significant with intense classes and labs. I had moved from Saskatchewan to Victoria in 1994 for the Earth and Ocean Sciences program at UVic, after doing a biology degree at the University of Regina.

Moving to Victoria was an adventure since I only knew one person here, my great-aunt, and I had not seen her for years. She is now a great friend. I eventually settled into my new city and new school and enjoyed (most of) my classes at UVic. Also, two of my best friends are women I met while attending UVic.

UVic really shaped my life as it is now. One of my UVic friends got me a lead on my first job in my field. It was at the Geological Survey of Canada in Sidney.

I still work in my field, as a marine geologist, for a small hi-tech company in Saanichton. Part of my job involves travelling to train users of our seabed mapping software. There are places I have seen which I may have never seen on my own. I also met my partner at Quester Tangent and as I mentioned, I would not be here without his support.

Since joining the alumni board and getting reacquainted with the University of Victoria community, I’ve met a lot of fantastic people. I have never regretted my decision and now, as president, I’m more excited than ever about being involved with UVic alumni.

I hope to make our younger alumni more aware of the alumni association and how they can benefit from the great programs the association offers.

Enjoy another fantastic edition of the Torch, and if you have not done so, be sure to let us know what you are up to by submitting a note for “Keeping in Touch.”

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