UVic Torch -- Spring 2009
Autumn 2009,
Volume 30, Number 2

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Photography by UVic Photo Services

“WOW. WHAT A PRIVILEGE,” BEGAN STEVE NASH, just after officially receiving his Honorary Doctor of Laws degree on Sept. 18. Then came the punch line for the crowd assembled in the Farquhar Auditorium to watch the special convocation ceremony in his honour: “And not just for the outfit.”

He might have felt a little out of place, style-wise, with the ceremonial cap and robes over a loose tie, Vans slip-ons on his feet. He’s a guy more accustomed to the uniform of his trade.

But the Victoria-raised Nash has always been less about fashion consciousness than social consciousness. His interests, exemplified by the foundation that bears his name, go way beyond the game of basketball that has provided him with a considerable fortune.

Family friend and Curriculum and Instruction Prof. Carole Miller delivered the oration, noting that Nash — the Phoenix Suns’ star who has twice been named the NBA’s most valuable player and is a six-time all-star selection — is not only the local kid who did good but “he’s the local kid that does good.”

Nash’s community work focuses on improving the lives of kids and a good portion of his acceptance remarks reflected those concerns. He reminded students to embrace their passions, travel the world, and to be grateful for “luck and the genetic lottery.

“We could easily be hungry, impoverished, child soldiers or face many of the ills that children around the world face today and also in our own communities,” he concluded. “So, our legacy should be our children. It’s an investment that will pay off greatly.”

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