UVic Torch -- Spring 2009
Autumn 2009,
Volume 30, Number 2

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Seven Flames - Food for Thought

“What’s the theme?”

I was asked that question before production began on this issue of the magazine. I knew what she was getting at. Would there be a particular social issue or scientific question that all of the stories would approach from different angles? There’s really nothing wrong with that; you see it in magazines all the time.

But I didn’t hesitate before responding: the theme will be the same as it always is. The theme is UVic.

That’s partly because the life of the university is too diverse, and partly because our biannual publication schedule is too limited, to devote an edition of the magazine to a single issue. And so the continuing theme of this magazine is the university, and all of its facets that link us.

Maybe the best word to describe it is “panoptic”: showing or seeing the whole at one view. It would take at least one floor of the McPherson Library to hold all of the potential stories that we could give you about the university and its people. So, for practical purposes, the stories in these pages are meant to represent the larger university community as a whole, in one 48-page shot. As will the next one, and the issue after that.

At this point I could toss in a lot of hollow clichés about how the university “makes a difference.” But have a close look at the stories assembled here and tell me if they don’t speak to you on a level that I could never convey in a few sentences.

With that said, the members of the Torch team — the writers, the photographers, the designers and printers — dare you.

We dare you to not be moved at the end of our story about the brilliant young philosopher and teacher, Tiffany Poirier, who found her own “consolation of philosophy” after profound personal tragedy and who now shapes young minds in the ancient traditions of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

We dare you to not be amazed and blown away by the expert ability of Lauren Woolstencroft to hurtle down ski slopes on a pair of prosthetics.

We ask you to read about Nursing Prof. Bernie Pauly’s caring nature and her utter dedication to the homeless people of our region and we dare you then, to ask yourself, what you would do to resolve such an ethical and moral crisis.

We dare you because we care about the words and pictures in these pages. We care about their beauty and the truth and grand personalities that they convey.

We invite you, too, to contribute to the conversation. Send us your comments. Engage us. Bring up your own ideas. Respectfully, we dare you.



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