UVic Torch -- Spring 2009
Autumn 2009,
Volume 30, Number 2

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Excerpts from Tiffany Poirier’s Q is for Question: An ABC of Philosophy, published earlier this year by O Books of Britain:

What is existence?
Can you define it?
Is there a boundary?
What is outside it?
At the edge of space,
if you poked your fist,
could you scoop in
your hand
what doesn’t exist?

What is happiness?
What is worth?
Is pursuing happiness
our purpose on Earth?

What is wrong? What is right?
Is justice more than black and white?
Who decides what justice is —
Is it those with greatest might?

What makes an argument hard to tear down?
When is it valid? When is it sound?
What can we prove with logic alone?
Can logic reveal the world unknown?
And if all A’s are B’s, and all B’s are C’s,
then all A’s are C’s; don’t you agree?

What are your rights?
Are rights equal for all?
Which rights apply
to an animal?

What is noble?
What is good?
Can you always do
what you should?

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