UVic Torch -- Spring 2009
Spring 2009,
Volume 30, Number 1

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Looking back on two rewarding years.

2009 has brought exciting events and challenges for the UVic Alumni Association.

In early February, we completed our second annual Alumni Week which was even more successful than our first one.

In May, I will complete my two-year term of office as the president of the alumni association. It has been an honour for me and I am sure the future president will find the position to be equally as rewarding and satisfying. During my term as president, I have represented the alumni association at many events held in Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle and Prince George and felt privileged to do so.

Our current board of directors has worked hard serving on various committees as without them, we couldn’t achieve our goals. They work diligently in the background and such work brings great results and I thank them for their important contribution.

I have had outstanding support from the UVic Alumni Services office staff; from Don Jones our director of alumni services and from Shannon von Kaldenberg, Associate Vice President, Alumni and Development. Thanks also to Dr. David Turpin, President and Vice Chancellor of UVic. He has attended several alumni events and meetings during my term of office, offering his advice and support. His interest demonstrates the great importance we hold for our alumni.

Meeting alumni during my term of office, I am aware of how many look forward to each edition of the Torch as it keeps them connected to UVic and our many new and exciting developments. Most alumni enjoy the “Keeping in Touch” section of the magazine and current events at our university. We are always happy to hear from you and hear of your achievements and the path your life has taken. Check out our Web site which provides information on upcoming events.

The new president of the alumni association will be elected at our annual general meeting in May. With this appointment, I am certain you will find continued enthusiasm for our alumni. I sincerely wish the future president much success and enjoyment during his or her term of office.

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