UVic Torch -- Spring 2009
Spring 2009,
Volume 30, Number 1

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Ideas Served Right

They call it their own version of “theatre of the mind.” The UVic Centre for Biomedical Research introduced Café Scientifique last fall, but the concept dates back to the salons of 19th century Paris. It was revived in the 1990s by groups in the UK and France and has since caught on elsewhere.

Locally, the informal seminars with UVic science and biomedical researchers offer insight into health-related issues. Talks about science are brought outside of the domain of the expert and allow everyone to voice an opinion.

Next up:
“The Many Faces of Autism“ with Psychology Prof. Jim Tanaka
Thursday, May 21 • 6:30 p.m.
Swans Suite Hotel, Collard Room

RSVP to cfbr@uvic or call: 250 472-4067
Web: cbr.uvic.ca
Space is limited.

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