Monica Flegel: Victorian Cats and Their Ladies

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We sat down to talk with Monica Flegel about animal studies at VSAWC 2013. Her paper at the conference, “Becoming Crazy Cat Lady: Victorian Spinsters and their Furry Kin,” builds on her work on Victorian animal and children’s rights, with a particular focus on the construction of the spinster and her cat as a type […]

Sarah Bull: Marketing Sexual Science

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We sat down with Sarah Bull in April to discuss her Spring 2012 Victorian Review article “Purveyor of Garbage? Charles Carrington and the Marketing of Sexual Science in Late-Victorian Britain.” Her work examines the relationship between nineteenth century pornographic and sexual science texts. In her article, she argues that Charles Carrington, the preeminent producer of […]

Keridiana Chez: Of Wolves and Women

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Keridiana Chez met with us to discuss her article from the Victorian Review 37.1, the Spring 2012 issue, “You Can’t Trust Wolves No More Nor Women”: Canines, Women, and Deceptive Docility in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Ms. Chez’s article addresses the “problematic husband-wife and master-pet relations” (89) in the novel. She examines English women and their […]

Paisley Mann: Memory’s Shifting Sand

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Paisley Mann’s article “Memory as ‘Shifting Sand’: The Subversive Power of Illustration in George Du Maurier’s Peter Ibbetson” explores the unreliability of memory in Du Maurier’s novel, which follows the life of its eponymous hero Peter Ibbetson. In this autobiographical fiction, Ibbetson claims and attempts to prove that he can telepathically communicate with The Duchess […]