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New Victoriana

Every week I will update this post to feature posts and activities of interest to Victorianists.


For the Week of May 13, 2013:

If you are attending the NAVSA BAVS AVSA conference in Venice (lucky you!), you may want to prepare for your journey by joining the Stones of Venice reading group at the Journal of Victorian Culture Online. Click here for more information.

Check out Daniel Martin’s recent post on melancholia and the digitization of Victorian culture, inspired (in part) by the recent VSAWC conference.

Finally, a few less serious pieces:

via Twitter–a nineteenth-century image of Victorian lady academics. Enjoy!

via The Hairpin–thoughts on reading Wilkie Collins’s The Woman in White.
My personal favorite has to be number three: “Decided that someone should make a TV show in which Wilkie Collins and Dickens fight crime – supernatural crime”



Blogging, Conferences, Social Media

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