Calls For Papers (Conferences)

VISAWUS 2016 Conference CFP

17 December 2015

Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Association of the Western United States

2016 Conference ~ Transgressions

September 29-October 1, 2016

Austin, Texas USA

The Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Association of the Western United States invites papers on transgressions of established boundaries, ways of seeing transgression, those who transgressed, and behaviors or beliefs that were seen as transgressive in the nineteenth century.   Papers may address the following (though participants do not have to restrict their proposals to these suggestions):

Aesthetic transgressions

Social class transgressions

Socio-political transgressions





The New Woman

Nabobs in India


Debtors’ prison


Deportation to the colonies




Unfashionable dress

Minority religions

The Prince of Wales in France


Marrying beneath one’s class

Faux pas in etiquette, fashion, conversation

The outré



Our Keynote Speaker will be Dennis Denisoff  (Ryerson University).

Dennis Denisoff’s current monograph project, tentatively entitled Eco-Pagan Politics in British Literature and Culture: 1850-1920, explores the intersections of Victorian ecology, animality, and desire in pagan works by Florence Farr, Vernon Lee, Walter Pater, Simeon Solomon, R. L. Stevenson, and others. His books include Aestheticism and Sexual Parody, Sexual Visuality from Literature to Film, and the novels Dog Years and Winter Gardeners. He has edited Queeries: An Anthology of Gay Male Prose and The Nineteenth Century Child and Consumer Culture, and co-edited Perennial Decay: On the Aesthetics and Politics of Decadence and the ongoing dh project The Yellow Nineties Online.

To submit email a 300-word abstract and 1-page CV (name on both) to by March 15, 2016.

Each year, VISAWUS awards the William H. Scheuerle Graduate Student Paper Award ($600.00) to the best graduate student paper presented at the conference. All graduate students presenting at the conference are eligible for the William H. Scheuerle Graduate Student Paper Award.


8 Days and Counting*

9 October 2013

The deadline for VSAWC conference proposals is coming up quickly. Your 250-­word abstracts (with title) and separate 75-word biographical blurb is due October 18. To submit your abstract, e-mail

This year’s theme is Victorian Communities, and the conference organizers welcome papers that explore Victorian concepts, representations, and experiences of community. From Chartist organizations to the Salvation Army, from women’s colleges to Mechanics ’Institutes, from Evangelical congregations to pagan gatherings, and including rituals ranging from family reading and hymn singing to maypole dancing, rugby matches, and croquet games, Victorians sought out “combinations” that were political, religious, domestic, social, artistic, academic, and/or erotic.

VSAWC is without a doubt one of my favourite conferences, and this year it’s in beautiful Banff, AB. I hope to see you there!

* note: I am bad at both maths and days, so the number in the title may be a bit off.

ACCUTE/VSAWC Joint Session

28 September 2013

Victorian Boundaries: Crossings and Passings

Organizer: Daniel Martin (WLU)

The Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada invites papers that address the Congress theme of borders and boundaries. For this panel, we seek papers that consider how the Victorians defined, negotiated, and traversed the boundaries of their cultures and spaces. Topics may include the following: gender boundaries; geographical and political boundaries; class boundaries; racial and ethnic boundaries; the boundaries and limits of genre; categories of ability and disability; religious categories, definitions, and transgressions; scientific definitions and beliefs; technologies of/and borders; and linguistic barriers.

Proposals should follow the ACCUTE guidelines and include a 300-500-word proposal, a 100-word abstract, a 50-word biographical note, and the Proposal Submissions Information Sheet.

Please send your proposal materials to Daniel Martin <> by 1 November 2013.


BAVS 2013 Nineteenth-Century Numbers

20 February 2013

Conference poster available now!

Deadline for proposals is 28 March 2013.

Follow BAVS 2013 on Twitter @bavs2013

NAVSA 2013: Evidence (3/1/2013; 10/23-27/2013)

30 January 2013

The North American Victorian Studies Association Conference for 2013, in Pasadena, California, October 23rd-27th, invites papers on the theme of evidence.

Evidence is central to all our work: we use texts, images, objects, the built environment to support our arguments. We also interpret, select, arrange, and juxtapose such evidentiary material. The Victorians strenuously looked for evidence to support their assumptions, beliefs, and investigation. Our program will include optional workshops at the Getty Research Institute and material culture sessions at the Huntington. Conference attendees will be able to enter the Huntington and its wonderful gardens free of charge.

Proposals for individual papers or panels should be submitted electronically by March 1, 2013. Proposals for individual papers should be no more than 500 words; panel proposals should include 500-word abstracts for each paper and a 250-word panel description. Applicants should submit a one-page cv.

Conference threads might include:

What is evidence? How do different disciplines identify and use evidence? How does the use of
evidence draw boundaries and bridges between disciplines? How does interdisciplinary work deal
with evidence?
How has the use of evidence changed (new evidence and new ways to use old evidence)?
Evidence and the humanities: interpretation, analysis, scientific and historical method,
supporting arguments
Digitization and the changing nature of the archive, museum and library
Teaching and evidence: sources, assessment, pedagogies
Lost evidence: wars and other research inconveniences
Imagined evidence and historical fictions
Science: method, demonstration, essentialism/Social Darwinism
Religion: belief, faith and intuition
Personal evidence: autobiographies, letters and diaries
Visual evidence: photography, painting, theater, film and other displays
The building, the city and the village: architecture, urban planning and historic preservation
Archaelogy, fossils, bone, tracks, spoor
The body as evidence
Material culture: clothes, pottery, and other everyday objects
Crime and Justice: police, detectives, witnesses and the press
Politics: parliamentary inquiries, select committees
Ghosts and revenants: evidence of the supernatural and of the afterlife
The press: scandal and public opinion
Evidence and the colonial project


VISAWUS 2013: Victorian Modernities (3/15/2013; 11/14-16/2013))

30 January 2013
Victorian Modernities:
Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Association of the Western United States Annual Conference

Nov. 14-16, 2013 at the Courtyard by Marriott, Portland City Center in Portland, Oregon

“Nothing is so dangerous as being too modern; one is apt to grow old fashioned quite suddenly.” – Oscar Wilde

VISAWUS 2013 explores the Victorians’ enthusiasm and apprehension regarding modern progress and innovation.We encourage papers across all disciplines, including (but not restricted to) art history, literature, gender, history of science, history, material culture, political science, performance, life writings, journalism, photography, popular culture, and economics.

Keynote Speaker: Joseph Bristow (English, UCLA), author and editor of numerous works on Victorian and modern literature and theories and histories of sexuality, including Effeminate England: Homoerotic Writing after 1885 (1995), Sexuality (1997), The Fin-de-Siècle Poem: English Literary Culture and the 1890s (2005), and Oscar Wilde and Modern Culture: The Making of a Legend (2009), is currently working on a project on “The Sex of Victorian Poetry” and editing the Journal of Victorian Culture and the Palgrave Studies in Nineteenth-Century Writing and Culture series. 

Papers are solicited for topics such as:
  • Urbanization, urbanity, and the flux of modern life
  • New nationalisms
  • Modern understandings of the global and the cosmopolitan
  • Class mobilities and new professions
  • Progressive Victorian social reform movements
  • New Victorian types: New Women, dandies, Decadents, swells
  • Anticipations of modernist formal styles
  • New media: audio and visual technologies
  • Advances in Victorian drama
  • New sciences and pseudo-sciences
  • Modern illnesses and modern medicine
  • The novel and novelty
  • Commodity culture and consumerism
  • Modern understandings of sexuality and desire
  • Resistances to modernity: nostalgia, pastiche
  • New religions
  • The apex of empire
  • Modern warfare
  • Neo-Victorianism and steampunk aesthetics

To submit: By March 15, 2013, email 300-word abstracts and a 1-page CV (name on BOTH) to

Please note: Graduate student papers are eligible for the William H. Scheuerle Graduate Student Paper Award ($300.00).

The most up-to-date information about the 2013 Conference can be found on our Facebook page: