Graduate Students

VSAWC welcomes graduate students, offering them a reduced membership rate as well as excellent opportunities to share their research, gain professional experience, and connect with other Victorian scholars. In past years, graduate students from across Canada, as well as from the U.S., Britain and Australia, have been involved in the Association’s conferences as speakers, moderators, and organizers. A reduced conference registration fee is offered to graduate students. Conference organizers work hard to facilitate student participation by offsetting a percentage of presenters’ travel costs.

VSAWC’s commitment to graduate students is reflected at the executive level, where one seat is reserved for a graduate student representative from an institution in Western Canada. Elections for this position are held every three years. The graduate representative vets paper proposals for the annual conferences along with the other members of the executive.

Graduate student work has also been well represented in Victorian Review in recent years. The editors solicit book reviews from graduate students and welcome their article submissions.


Graduate Student Representatives:

Sam MacFarlane | Department of English | University of Victoria

Liam Young | Department of English | University of Alberta