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ACCUTE/VSAWC Joint Session

28 September 2013

Victorian Boundaries: Crossings and Passings

Organizer: Daniel Martin (WLU)

The Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada invites papers that address the Congress theme of borders and boundaries. For this panel, we seek papers that consider how the Victorians defined, negotiated, and traversed the boundaries of their cultures and spaces. Topics may include the following: gender boundaries; geographical and political boundaries; class boundaries; racial and ethnic boundaries; the boundaries and limits of genre; categories of ability and disability; religious categories, definitions, and transgressions; scientific definitions and beliefs; technologies of/and borders; and linguistic barriers.

Proposals should follow the ACCUTE guidelines and include a 300-500-word proposal, a 100-word abstract, a 50-word biographical note, and the Proposal Submissions Information Sheet.

Please send your proposal materials to Daniel Martin <> by 1 November 2013.