Passage to Vancouver's Island

The barque 'Tory'
The approximately 18,020 kilometre voyage from London to Fort Victoria took the Irvines from November 9, 1850 to May 10, 1851. This time was spent aboard a sailing ship just of just 130 feet in length and 25 in beam and carrying between 120 and 140 passengers.
Source: William John Irvine et al., Irvines in Victoria BC since 1851 (Victoria: William John Irvine, 1996), 32.

Tory Passenger List
The passenger list of the Tory indicates only the male family heads and not the women and children who were also on board. The most recognizable name on the list is John Work (not to be confused with the curiously similar John Wark, also apparently on board - we suspect that this may be the same person), a prominent farmer and legislator. Also aboard was Martha Cheney, whose diary is an excellent source on early Victoria.