Medicine in 1860s Victoria

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Victoria in the 1860s had other dentists beside the traveling Dr. Cool. William Zelner, who was a "Druggist and Apothecary" in 1859, was in 1862 practicing dentistry as Dr. Zelner from his office in his drug store at the corner of Government and Yates streets.


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Dr. Barnard, with 20 years experience in the practice of dentistry in Boston, arrived in Victoria around 1866. Unlike Dr. Cool, who operated out of the St. Nicholas hotel for the fortnight he was in town, Dr. Barnard had an office with regular hours.

Dr. Cool and Dr. Barnard ran ads on the same page of the same issue of The British Colonist in August 1866.

The image of the teeth may have been the only one the newspaper had available; all of the dentists used it.

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August 15, 1866

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